iPhone 6 Unboxing

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I got my iPhone 6 in the mail today and thought I would share my unboxing experience with online gambling casino you all.

The Icing: The Soto Ice Bucket Challenge

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I was nominated by Mr. Perednik to accomplish the ice bucket challenge, and I have been caught! See the events unfold below. I tagged my nominees on Facebook, but I thought I’d share…


Just Me Performing Sunshine Song – Jason Mraz

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I barely bothered to tune the guitar and I’m getting over a cough, but I know some people that could really use a ray of sunshine. I really love Sunshine Song – Jason Mraz. So if there’s a light in everybody, send out your ray of sunshine!

Robin Williams

My Robin Williams Tribute List

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While everyone is sad about Robin Williams apparent suicide, I am going to honor his memory by remembering the way he made me laugh.  Here’s my top ten to Mork:

10. Popeye


I recall having some weird feelings about this live action movie when I wondered why it wasn’t as marvelous as the cartoon. It was my first disappointment in reboots. He set the tone for good actors in bad movies.

9. Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam

After watching this movie I sat around with a tape recorder pretending that I would one day be a suave radio DJ. Ah, to be young again!

8. Hook


I’ll probably watch this one with my son, for the umpteenth time. Rufio RUFIO…

7. Aladdin


The perfect person to play Genie. No one could ever do it justice. Also, he was the merchant at the beginning of the movie: A Diamond… in the rough…

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

It was a RUN BY FRUITING! I have heard so many people deal with divorce thanks to this movie. I just loved the lemon merengue pie facial.

5. Jumanji


Also love this family movie. As we all struggle to answer the question: WHAT YEAR IS IT?

4. The Birdcage

The Birdcage

This might be the first time I watched a movie and said “I don’t see the problem with these dudes… what’s the big deal?” And there my respect was born for love above all things.

3. Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

This man made me FEEL things! He also helped me overlook Ben Affleck. HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES!?

2. Death to Smoochy

Death to Smoochy

This movie is brilliant for so many reasons – one of those reasons is Robin.

1. This Zelda Commercial

Phoenixville Annual Latino Festival (EVERYONE IS WELCOME!)

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share with you an event that I have really come to enjoy over the last few years. Please save the date for July 19th at Reeves Park in P-ville for the Annual Feria Latina (Latino Festival)! I know it’s a bit early, but I’m reaching out to inform you all of a couple of things:

  • There will be tabling allowed for businesses at either 25 or 50 dollars depending on your business. (non-profits can table for free) This is a great way to get your business on the map for locals and a way to engage the Latino community and make them aware of your services!
  • There will be entertainment: dancing, musicians, guest speakers, etc. Please reach out if you would like to participate as entertainment!
  • We need donations! We are looking for donations. All proceeds go to Alianzas of Phoenixville which help community members find resources they need to improve their quality of life. If you can’t donate money, please feel free to donate anything (a gift card, a basket, a voucher for your business). We will advertise you in both print and at the event!
  • We need volunteers! If anyone is looking to contribute their time to a wonderful and spectacular event, please let us know. In some cases, we may just need your for “game day” to help direct vendors, answer questions, etc. If you know of someone that wants to get involved, please have them contact me, here or at my email address edwin [at] edwinsoto.net.

The entire event is volunteer driven and is a great way to get to know your neighbors! Spread the word and help make this year’s event the best one yet!